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New Home

It feels kinda weird, to have a new home... It's nice to have one though.

Really Nice.

Just have to get use to it...I guess, that's all that there really is to it.
That and I need some sound drivers for my laptop... it's being a pain again...

I miss hearing my music...


...So, I've noticed that I don't remember any of my dreams that I've had... It's like once in a blue moon that I remember it at all... My girlfriend on the other hand has no problem remembering them...Could it have something to do with the fact that I remember other things really well,like locations or what things looked like and other stuff like that?

Possibly... It bugs me sometimes....

I wish I could remember more often...

Really I do...

I'll have a dream sometime and then the instant that I wake up POOF it's gone! Outta my mind... It sucks..

LiveJournal Phone App?

So, after a good month and a half of not have any internet besides my phone or a Wi-Fi Hotspot, I had finally have a phone app for my phone so I can blog again. What I really would like to try to get into Video Blogging or Vlogging as the cool kids say it.

Anyways, it actually feels good to start this up again. I miss the internet on a computer monitor... But you have to work with what you got, right interwebs? Right. I'll start checking in on the vlogging stuff, because I guess my phone has some programs for that as well. Anyways, much love to you Internet, nice to be back.


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You can't Escape!

So, I have been wanting to get a gig for my artwork, so the opportunity has shown it's face. So, now I have the chance to build up my portfolio some more. The task at hand is to draw a mascot for a skateshop. I'm rather excited for it, I've already come up with some concepts... All I need is a finished piece.

I've also been using Google Docs for keeping track of my comic book concepts, when I get the chance, I'll share some with you guys. I'll also post the concepts for the skate shop too, if you want to see them.


Devious Journal Entry

So, I have been playing a bit of Dissidia and FFVIII, Dissidia could use a little work, but with the right friends it's actually enjoyable... and that's also the last time I play a game for two months straight... I racked up over 61 hours on the game... so I started pointing out the flaws in the game and I hated it... it's been over three months and I enjoy it again.

I also haven't drawn in a while. So I wanted to draw this... I have been trying to explore different styles. I've been looking more at a Zelda Wind Waker style of art... But I think I'm going to continue to draw then scan it in over just drawing on the computer... I can do it, but it takes me a little longer than I like...

Squall +Quick Pic+
by ~JoJoInstall on deviantART

Real Bird

Real Bird
by ~JoJoInstall on deviantART

Eh... It's a realistic bird...I hope you like it... I really don't like dabbling too much in the realism part of art, I don't portray it too well.

Bob Dandy...

So... It's still raining,and my house is not leaking... for the most part. It's leaking in my room, but just not on my bed. At least I can still sleep, right? I also had to pull up my carpet because of the storm on Monday, it drenched half of my room... and that rather sucked... But I did get a new gaming laptop. That was pretty awesome! I can run my Unreal Tournament 3 game at full power, so I might get Aion to play. January marks the Beta for Star Trek Online, and later in 2010 is also the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I REALLY want to play that game...

I really need to find out how to update the keyboard speed on this thing though... if I go too fast, it doesn't register the keys properly... But I am more than happy to take it! I am really enjoying it.

I also really hope this is the last of the Storm... Really I do...

P.S. It did rain pretty rough...and some of my stuff is now wet... hopefully I get some sleep tonight.


Lately, I have been playing one of my favorite RPG's Mother 2! Mother 2 is known here in the US as EarthBound, it's about the only modern-day Role Playing Game that actually worked, and I played it as a kid and I fell in love with it because of it's humorous script. I think that I got my girlfriend into it too. So, here is a picture that I drew for her, called "Because I Love You"

That's all, just imagine when I get a Wacom Tablet.

Buddies? Not Mother Nature and I

Yep... the title says about it all, It rained pretty much all day... and my roof leaked. Boy, that was a whole day of fun, and I use that term lightly. Oy... The suff from the ceiling is falling off, and my room just stopped leaking. I wish I had an Ocarina, I would play the Song of Storms, end all this crap. But on a side note, my bed is almost dry! Yay...

On a side note, I've been looking at some Wacom Tablets and I've found a few that are good. Like the Bamboo Pen & Touch. It's rough;y about One Hundred Dollars, that's not bad considering what they use to be priced. There was a few that was priced lower than that, but I think that is because the pen is about Thirty dollars alone...

I need to think of a new topic for this week's comic. Later, I'm out.

Card Games

Ha! So I love Card Games... Yu-Gi-Oh! Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Playing Cards. There's just something fun about them that I really like. I think it's a game that you can put together and put away really fast... unlike most board games, where it can take up to 5 minutes to an Eternity. I just got done playing a Magic game with my friend Joe and it just sparked my interest in them again, I really like them, still, not the guys who have the End-All-Be-All cards... that's annoying. Anyways, I started to play Metal Gear Acid again and I forgot how much I really enjoyed that game, it's simple and a card based game... although sometimes you don't draw the cards you really need at an important time... *Cough*BOSSBATTLE*Cough* But hey, that's just the draw back to a card-based system. Well... That's pretty much it. short story, huh?